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Before + After

By Design honestly understands my style and aesthetic better than I think I understand it myself!
— L. Krushefski | Cedar Grove, NJ
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Cape code creation

This Cape Cod summer home was filled with oversized nautical themed furniture from it’s former owner.  We brought pale blue and sunny orange into this bright and breezy sunroom, and added a sofa bed and storage tables for summer guests.


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the main attraction

In the main living room of this Cape Cod summer home, we replaced the oversized dark and heavy furniture with lighter, more modern fare. We also replaced the colonial railing with a nautical cable system and porthole-inspired mirror with modern edges


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then to wow 

This client had tolerated their builder-installed bathroom for long enough.  We brought their two single vanities together into one large double vanity, allowing room for a large soaking tub and a walk in shower. 


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Make room, please

Our client didn’t HATE their living room, but they wanted more comfortable seating for family TV watching.  We removed the oversized coffee table and added a terminal end sectional that allowed for more seats without blocking the fireplace.  And updated paint color and rug, and the room felt new, open, and airy.


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powder me up, baby

This powder room measures only 3’ x 4’.  The original 1950’s pink fixtures were the perfect size, but had worn out their welcome.  A narrow modern sink and large scale mirror made the room feel twice the size!


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would you like a drink?

This odd corner was never used by our client.  No one had played the piano in years.  We came up with the idea of making it into a bar, reminiscent of many older homes’ butler pantries.  Custom built cabinetry and a wine fridge turned this useless space into the most used  “room” in the house!


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STYLE QUICK FIX :This prewar apartment in Manhattan had great bones, but felt closed off upon entering.  In a few hours, we gave the room more seating & better flow. We turned the radiator into a window seat and made sure to order bold art for the mantel. 


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the old switch-a-roo

STYLE QUICK FIX: This living room had an off center fireplace, which made furniture placement difficult. In just 2 hours, we were able to balance out the fireplace, re-work the seating area, and make the room more welcoming. Still to come, two additional chairs where you see the small place holder chairs on the right.


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make an entrance

STYLE QUICK FIX: This room was a part of a grand entry in an old home in the Estate section, and had no purpose. We transformed it from toy catch-all to a sophisticated reading area for the homeowners. A second matching bookcase was ordered for the right hand side of the room.


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where the genius happens

This upstairs landing of this townhouse had some mismatched office furniture lined up in a row.  We had a custom U-shaped desk designed to allow both homeowners to run their business out of while incorporating their printers, two monitors, AND their love of bold color.


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make it work

STYLE QUICK FIX: This couple downsized from their home of 30 years to a small condo.  Their original layout from the old home did not work in the off-center room.  In a few hours, we were able to shore up the center of the conversation area and get more of the owners treasured collections on display, all while adding additional seating


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sweet dreams

This former child’s room was now a guest room for these empty nesters.  We used hotel quality bedding and design elements to make the space serene and comfortable for guests.


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almond joy

This green, black, and almond bathroom had worn out it’s welcome (and it’s plumbing!) and needed a total renovation.  We removed the built in tiled bench and opened up the space to accommodate a wide vanity and large, spacing-increasing mirror. 


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dinner party goals

This dining room needed an affordable update.  We replaced the focal point with a modern but feminine chandelier, updated the client’s favorite color with a lighter shade, and added a rug and some bold wooden carvings on the large long wall.


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party of five

This TINY bathroom was serving a family of 5!  We moved the radiator to allow for a larger vanity, and made the room feel twice the size with a fully mirrored medicine chest that spanned the entire width of the room.  We also hung the shower curtain from ceiling height to give the room an illusion of grandeur


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so fresh, so clean

STYLE QUICK FIX: This homeowner never got around to renovating this bathroom, and now it was time to sell the home. In just one day, with nothing but a can of paint, some accessories and new knobs on the cabinets we transformed this into something clean, fresh, and updated.