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People Are Talking


We used to go to other offices and dream of what our own could look like, and you made our vision and dream a reality.   

B. Swerdloff  |  Montclair, NJ

Such great ideas. We just bought our home, and I had gotten so overwhelmed trying to decorate my entire house.  At the end of the consultation, I felt focused and ready to take on each room, one at a time.  Meanwhile, I had a more comfortable living room. It didn't look like we had just moved in at all!   

P. Davies  |  Montclair, NJ

After 3 hours hanging 32 pieces of art, “We’re finally home.”   

L.Rosenberg  |  Upper Montclair, NJ

The wall and rug color are exactly what I want – I love that you know what I want better than I can ever figure out myself! I should have called you years ago!   

L. Krushefski  |  Cedar Grove, NJ

We sold our house that you designed a few years ago in just 3 days with multiple offers.  No staging, just good design. Thank you!   

L. Henigin  |  Montclair, NJ

I couldn't believe it was my living room!  After just an hour, the designer quickly identified what my style was pulled the room together in a flash.  I not only had a whole new room that day, but a plan to make it even better.  Now we know where to spend our decorating dollars without wasting any time or money.   

J. Wibbelt  |  Cedar Grove, NJ

I really liked the "good, better, best" approach that you took with my home.  I had options for down the road, but not too many.  I never would have thought of arranging my things in the way the designer did.  I loved it!   

D. Porter  |  Montclair, NJ

You’ve made me feel more at home.  Genius!   

N. Schlenger  |  New York, NY